We’re getting married! And we feel so blessed that seeking God’s plan for our lives has lead us to one another. We are excited and feel extremely blessed to be sharing our wedding day with you!

Since we began dating two and half years ago we have felt the awesome presence of the Lord in our lives. His plan for us individually has been encouraging to see unfold in one another as He has changed and shaped us. We both believe throughout our relationship that Jesus Christ has played an intricate role. Through His guidance and His timing we are moving forward in marriage with Christ at the center.

We’ve also seem the Lord protect and strengthen us throughout our relationship. Although the path we’ve walked these last several years have been difficult, we have been taught how to depend on each other—but more importantly on Jesus. We are now anxiously anticipating what the Lord has for us together in marriage. Thank you for your support and love—we have been blessed by fabulous family and friends!