I’m Timmy and I make websites for people.

I’m a fresh web designer and developer who wants to make the web a little less ugly. I specialize it taking someone’s old design and revamping it to meet the current design trends. With that, I turn deprecated and old-fashion code into clean and minimal, standards compliant markup, JavaScript and CSS. I also take cluttered designs and confusing layouts and strip it down to the core message. In short, I’m the man you need to take that site from the 90’s and update it to impress your visitors today and into the future.

Recent Work

Lemon Words SEO Tools

Lemon Words Screenie

My most recent project was working for a new start-up in Seattle called Western Leap. There, I developed a set of SEO tools including a keywords analyzer and a webpage spell checker. The whole project was written using Ruby on Rails.

SEOmoz Search Engine Ranking Factors

Search Engine Ranking Factors Screenie

I worked on the third edition of SEOmoz’s Search Engine Ranking Factors.

It is a collection website optimization tactics that were ranked by industry professions in order of importance. The list also includes a ranked list of link building tactics and factors that might get your site flagged as SPAM.

Canonicalization Prototype

Canonicalization Prototype Screenie

Before that I was working on a prototype of a canonicalization tool that would be a subcomponent to a larger SEOmoz project.

The prototype, in short, takes a URL that is the homepage to a website and outputs a list of possible duplicate versions of that page on the same domain. The idea is that duplicate content on a domain can hurt your ranking on search engines and the most common duplicate page is the homepage. The tool identifies possible duplicate content URLs and lists their respective HTTP status codes.

MV Skansonia

Skansonia Screenie

And the one of the few non-SEO projects I’ve done lately is a total makeover of the website for the MV Skansonia. The Skansonia is a ferry that is permanently docked in Lake Union near Seattle. There, they hold weddings and events that overlook the Seattle skyline.

Their website was quite out of date so I built a brand new site from scratch including several image galleries as well as a contact form and a content management system using a simple PHP templating system.

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